Westmorland Community Food Pantry Volunteers
Thinking about Volunteering, listen to some of our volunteers tell their story.

Westmorland Community Food Pantry is blessed to have outstanding and hardworking volunteers who look forward to helping our community replenish their food insecurity through our weekly food drives. We wanted to thank them and showcase some who work through their disabilities and offer to help. We would like to thank:

Sandra Camargo

Lauren Solano

Ulises Espinoza

Carlos Salcedo

Quetzael Villa Salas “Q”

for taking the time to share their story as to why and what they enjoy about volunteering at the Westmorland Community Food Pantry. It is with their help and the community’s support that we area able to provide our service to the Westmorland Community.

For more information about volunteering please click here

  • Carlos Salcedo
  • Lauren Solano
  • Kenneth Hoskins
  • Kenneth Hoskins
  • David Johnson
  • Bryana Lopez

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